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Levitating Objects

Service Overview

See What I Can Do for Your Business

General Administration and Operations

  • Budget Management (track, expense, what's leftover?)

  • Calendar Management

  • Conducting research on diverse topics

  • HR support in hiring and recruitment

  • General correspondence/content writing: composing, preparing, and sending reports, memos, letters, and other documents (EIO’s-expression of interests)

  • Word processing, PowerPoint presentations, reports, and spreadsheet application

  • Training initiatives (trends in the industry, conferences, new skills to keep pace with the market.)

  • Managing deadlines

  • Registering with associations or help with any business paperwork

  • Sending invoices and following up on payment plans



  • Light bookkeeping (organize receipts, enter in expense rpt for easy record keeping)

Client & Customer Relations, Account Management Services, Vendor Relations

  • Contact management (Gateway Assistance) - Provides a bridge for smooth communication between leader and clients/customers; creates consistency in your outward image and ensures that every client is receiving the level of care you desire.

    • Initiating phone calls or emails on your behalf

    • Managing client requests and communication

    • Follow up and follow through after-sale and/or service

    • Subject Matter Expert (SME) - become a go-to source of education and insight to committee organizations on new, proposed, and current projects

    • Work on initiatives & Campaigns, Open Houses, Sales events, and fundraisers.

    • Act as liaison between owner & customers and clients, employees, or prospects

  • Invoicing and reports

  • Third-party communication

  • Preparing quotes

  • Cultivating and maintaining vendor relationships


Database Management

  • Compile and maintain data; generate reports (database of choice will depend on the CRM programs the individual or business uses). Compiling all key business info in one place to make data easily accessible and easy to update.


Desktop Publishing (Create publication documents)

  • Newsletters, Brochures, Postcards, Flyers, Pamphlets, Business Cards, Invitations, Certificates


Email Marketing/social media (Using tools like MailChimp, Canva, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Posts, Newsletters, and Content Creation assistance

Marketing, Networking, & Business Development

  • Preparing and sending out mass email correspondence and newsletters, reports, memos, letters, and other documents

  • Preparing proposals, marketing materials, etc.

  • Advertising, networking, developing marketing materials, and building relationships


Meeting Management & Event Coordination & Planning (Online or In Person)

  • Coordination and planning including determining attendees, flow of information to attendees, equipment, staffing, catering, location, etc.

  • Manages everything from preliminary research and planning to organizing and coordinating vendors and providing supervision on the day (onsite and travel expenses would be extra and paid for by client)

  • Provides project management, budget management, space requirements, IT coordination, and additional support


Notary services (NC) ($10 per notarization)


Process Documentation

  • Develop a guide to help outline the exact steps needed to complete a task from start to finish.


Project Management



  • What are you searching for? Statistics, market conditions, specialized research, data, what? You tell me!

Specific support offerings for Non-profit & Philanthropic organizations:

  • Community outreach programs and initiatives

  • Coordination and meeting facilitation

  • Data entry

  • Data management retrieval, and report generation

  • Donor relations initiatives

  • Fundraising, special projects, and other development initiatives

  • HR support in hiring and recruitment


Website Maintenance (Site maintenance does not include changes to design or graphics workup. Site Maintenance retainers provide up to four hours of work) Simple site maintenance which includes additions, changes, and edits to contact, new images, links, etc.

*Expanded Service  

 Personal Assistance - Minimum 4 Hours

Administrative Support

Your partner in success.

A great admin partner can handle administrative tasks in the way an administrative assistant would, but is also capable of stepping into more managerial shoes in certain circumstances. I work in tandem with you. To get tasks done, take charge of a situation and alleviate the stressors that take your attention away from success.

Meetings & Events

Whether virtual or in-person meetings and events take great planning and coordination. From conception to all the mechanics in between to "showtime", it's all about the details. And there are a LOT of details.

Let's take this off your plate, eh?.

Project Management

Let me do it.

No project goes as planned, ever. But having a partner at the ready to assist when you need to be in two places makes the process a lot smoother - we dive into the details, keep them straight and keep everything steamrolling.

Marketing & Networking

Marketing & networking is the life blood of a business. It keeps the energy fresh and the traction moving forward. We help you build and foster those relationships.

Non-Profit Support

Making positive change in the world takes incredible dedication. Let me take the burden of the tedious admin work off of your shoulders so you can focus on what matters most.

Community Relations & Community Engagement

Community engagement is the cornerstone to any business and the lack thereof the death knell. We keep you on point and top of mind to keep your growth healthy.

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