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I give you the freedom to do what you love

Freedom Starts Here

Imagine what you could accomplish with more time each day to do the things only you can do for your business. The passion & the ingenuity are yours.

So why are you letting the daily tasks of running your business get in the way of your success?

I can give you the freedom to LOVE what you do again.

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Get support to elevate your success


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Flexible Monthly Retainers


Affordable Hourly Packages


On-Point Project Pricing

Charity Volunteers

Non-Profit Packages

The Original To-Do Guru


It's time to clear that to-do list

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Your Administrative Support Partner. I help YOU Get Stuff Done!

D-Jack's Adminstrative Services Llc

LESS work = MORE productivity

Multi-tasking only takes you so far and eventually, you AND your business will suffer.

A virtual support partner will change your world.

STREAMLINE your to-do list with strategic planning and support. Delegate tasks to get AHEAD of the workload. FREE up your time to put out other fires. 

Simple. Effective. Powerful. Support. 


On-Demand Virtual Admin Support

Whether you need a little hand with monthly tasks, or a right-hand girl Friday for every day admin needs. Our virtual admin support has your back.

Meetings & Events

Attending and hosting events and meetings is its own ball of wax, but nailing down all of the details, as well? 

We help eliminate the stress.

Project Management

Managing the moving parts of your projects WHILE maintaining your business is enough to make anyone lose their minds. Luckily for you, we can take the reins and make sure every i is dotted and you are ready to roll. Stress free.

Marketing & Networking

Keep those connections in the loop without the hassle of maintaining it yourself. Your words, your business, without a finger lifted by you.

Non-Profit Support

We admire your passion for positivity and we will support you at whatever place you're at on your charitable, non-profit path. It takes a village and we're here to help.

Community Relations & Community Engagement

Stay top of mind and on the ground with up-to-date community relations and engagement WITHOUT the hassle of keeping those balls in the air yourself.

Partnerships + Collaborations

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Expertise You Need
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