You've Got Questions // We've Got Answers

What's the value in hiring retained administrative support?

Freeing up Hours! Spending time on doing tasks that you don’t want to do, don’t know how to do, can’t do, eats away at valuable time that could be spent on focusing on driving business results. This is more focus on strategic work activities that move your business forward business growth and bottom-line profitability. Trying to juggle all the behind-the-scene work that absolutely needs to get done is counterproductive.

What separates you from other administrative support services?

It’s all about PEOPLE first and the relationships I build. This means work is not sliced and diced out to others. Every client is a valued partner and I am invested in helping maximize a business efforts. You're hiring an integral part to your success, not just outsourcing to someone who couldn't care less about your success.

Who needs administrative (support) assistance?

Anyone. Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Home-Based Businesses, Speakers, Attorney’s, CPA’s, Fortune 500 companies, and others. EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS reliable administrative support they can trust and depend. Period.

Do you implement new ways to operate more efficiently?

The goal is to work smarter not harder. If there are things in which can be done better, more efficiently, and at a cost savings to you, then recommendations would be suggested. This is the “consultant” part of my service. However, the intention is not to re-create the wheel or to revamp perfectly operational or functional processes. My job is to “support” you in whatever way that works best for you. I am here to step in, come-along-side, and perform within the systems already intact but that require ongoing maintenance and attention.

What business solution do you provide?

I am the Administrative expert who help you manage the routine but all so necessary tasks, functions, and activities a business needs to move production forward. My support is not based on task rather the services are centered on the client’s individual needs and goals. This approach puts the focus back on the mission of the business.

The service I provide is focused on partnership and collaboration. My aim is to deliver an exceptional level of infront and behind-the-scenes provision that keeps you sane, keeps your business acutely organized, and rolling along without a hitch. I do this first by listening to what your needs entail, understanding the goals you are trying to achieve, and then discuss solutions as to how I can help you get there.

Are you an employee or virtual assistant (VA)?

As independent business owner the role is not an employee, assistant; personal, on-call, or otherwise. I am not a bookkeeper, CPA, business manager, financial advisor, insurance broker, web designer, et al. These are all specialized professions within themselves. DJack's is a business-to-business service provider who works in partnership with you to help support your enterprise. Virtual Assistant (VA) is an "industry" not a position. My work as an Administrative Professional operates within the virtual (remote) trade.

Who are your ideal clients?

I align myself with solo-professionals,small business owners (0-25 employees), and non-profit groups. Clients who know they are worthy and have a vision for what they want for the future. These are people who want to hire me for the 'support' not merely individual tasks. They are interested in plan implementation and execution. Individuals who are intent on improving and growing their business and organizations who need to get vital services and resources out to the community.