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  • What's the value in hiring retained administrative support?
    Freeing up Hours! Spending time on doing tasks that you don’t want to do, don’t know how to do, can’t do, eats away at valuable time that could be spent on focusing on driving business results. This is more focus on strategic work activities that move your business forward business growth and bottom-line profitability. Trying to juggle all the behind-the-scene work that absolutely needs to get done is counterproductive.
  • What separates you from other administrative support services?
    First and foremost, it's about the relationships I develop with PEOPLE. This indicates that the labor is not parceled out to many people. Every client is a valued partner, and I am committed to assisting businesses in maximizing their efforts. Instead of just outsourcing to someone who could care less about your success, you're hiring someone who is crucial to it.
  • Who needs administrative (support) assistance?
    Anyone. Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Home-Based Businesses, Speakers, Attorney’s, CPA’s, Fortune 500 companies, and others. EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS reliable administrative support they can trust and depend. Period.
  • Who are your ideal clients?
    I support small business owners (those with less than 25 workers), independent contractors, and nonprofit organizations. Customers that are aware of their worth and who have goals for the future. These are those that want to hire me for "support" rather than just specific assignments. They have an interest in carrying out plans. People who are focused on developing and expanding their companies as well as organizations that must provide the community with essential services and resources.
  • Do you implement new ways to operate more efficiently?
    Working smarter rather than harder is the aim. Recommendations would be made if there were anything that could be done more effectively, more affordably, or both. The "consultant" component of my service is this. However, the goal is not to reinvent the wheel or improve upon procedures that already work or are perfectly enough. It's my responsibility to "assist" you whatever it suits you the most. I'm here to jump in, work alongside the systems that are currently in place but need regular upkeep and attention.
  • What business solution do you provide?
    I am the administrative specialist who assists you in managing the commonplace but crucial jobs, operations, and activities a company needs to advance production. My assistance is not task-based; rather, the focus of the services is on the unique requirements and objectives of the client. With this strategy, the company's objective is once again front and center. My service is geared around cooperation and partnership. My goal is to provide outstanding behind-the-scenes support that keeps you calm, your firm well-organized, and operations running smoothly. I start by listening to what you need, learning what you want to accomplish, and then talking about possible options for how I may assist you in getting there.
  • Are you an employee or Virtual Assistant (VA)?
    The function of an independent business owner is not that of an employee or an assistant, either personal or on call. I'm not a bookkeeper, certified public accountant, manager of a business, financial advisor, insurance agent, web designer, etc. These are all highly specialized fields of work. D-Jack's is a provider of business-to-business services who collaborates with you to support your company. An "industry," not a job, is a virtual assistant (VA). However, industry experts may use the term VA for administrative work they outsource to a person or organization that specializes in online administrative support. As an administrative professional, I carry out business virtually (online/remotely). I consider myself the partner in administration.
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