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Time Management

I know you don't want to read one more thing about time management; but, if you weren't just a little interested in getting the help you wouldn't be reading this far so you might as well keep going. Let's get creative with this topic and call it something else a little less boring. How about using the words productivity, resourcefulness, performance, or planning. Sounds more appealing, right? Great. Let's continue.

"But what if you could free up significant time—maybe as much as 20% of your workday—to focus on the responsibilities that really matter?"

As a business owner, you went into business for a myriad of reasons, freedom, flexibility, and more importantly to get a product or service to the marketplace. For the non-profit leader, hopefully, you took on a very important headship role in an organization you are passionate to serve the community.

So, do you really have time to mess around with administrative work that will, and does, keep you from doing the work you love? NOPE! You want and need to work on more meaningful operational projects that propel your organization forward. Not the stressors or wasted time managing multiple administrative tasks.

I know, I know you've heard it or said this all before: "I don't have any more time this week."

"Where in the world did the week go. I work and work, and I'm still drowning!" "I wish I could give this to someone to do every week." "I need to get some help."

Remember, a little help goes a long way. When you decide you want to be more productive, have more time, make faster progress, and just feel freed up schedule a talk with me to see how I can support your administrative needs.

You're welcome!

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