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“The cheap comes out expensive.” Judge Milian

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

My mother used to say it this way “cheap ain’t always good, and good ain’t always cheap!”

Here's the deal. If you invest in a high-quality administrative professional, you will end up with a high-quality partner who is invested in your company's success. Ultimately you want to gain more freedom to do high-value work, like finding new clients or working on projects. Moreover, the goal you want to achieve is to have your company to be more profitable, to make more money, or to get needed services out to the people in your community. Right? Then be ready to invest some money on hiring the best support you can afford and don't trip about the expense. If you run a business you will have expenses and some level of administrative relief is all part of the course.

The bottom-line is to stay competitive you want to remain focused on high-value work like finding new clients or working on projects. Doing everything yourself, or whatever administrative or operational functions that keep you unproductive, will not allow you to operate at maximum potential. In a way, you become a liability/expense to your own business. Make sense?

There are so many benefits to hiring experienced support but I like this one. The mind-reader! Seriously, ask any executive with a trusted partner and I bet they tell you this quality alone is worth the monetary investment of quality support hands-down. Over time the person you work with will totally "get" you. They just know all the nuances about your workstyle, how you prefer things done, or whether you like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin donuts. I know. Kind of a silly analogy but simply put a great admin "partner" remote or in person, will catch your vibe, understand the nature of the business goals (hum, hum, us more seasoned admin partners know this as business acumen), and instinctively understand how to operate the work they do on your behalf to get the results you want to achieve. Brilliant!

Now. Let's say this together "investing in a high-quality administrative professional is worth it."

You can find any sort of admin support for any rate you want. Just remember you always get what you pay for.

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