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The Art of Administrative Support. A well-choreographed dance.

Updated: May 21, 2021

Thinking about my work over the years and how I help people, what I do, and the nature of what Administrative Professionals do in general, I see a well-choreographed dance. I love the theater and artistic expression of dance and how the dancers make every move seem effortless. Almost without conscious thought they simply meld each of the learned moves together to create that final piece we patrons enjoy. It all seems so easy, right? It's not!

In theory, the functionality of administrative support operates the same. It's the synchronized ebbing and flowing together of the hard and soft skills such as technical & computer, analytical, interpersonal, self-awareness, adaptability, communication, big-picture thinking, and so on happening pretty much always at the same time with every task, function, or activity we execute.

I suppose dancers approach their work more holistically. My research on dance as being holistic says "dancing also has its own body of knowledge, way of communicating, and a unique experience." So does administrative science. In much the same way, our science [and what we do is a science] parallels the holistic process.

So what does holistic really mean? The dictionary says holistic describes an all-embracing approach that views every aspect of a matter as a cohesive whole rather than a collection of isolated entities. It refers to a mind-frame that focuses on the big picture, or the “grand scheme of things,” instead of getting too caught up in the details."

In part, I agree with this statement but pause at the latter portion of the assertion because let's face it, mainly how we help people and why you hire us is because we focus on the details. Still, it's good to understand the importance of seeing the complete view. In my opinion, what makes a good admin partner so effective is their ability to think holistically.

Next time you consider administrative support, imagine the Art of the Dance!

You're welcome

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